Vlog Music: How to Use Youtube Videos

By: LoydMartin

Wondering what a YouTube Vlog Music day looks like? Cinecom has the answer. In their “Day in the Life” post, Cinecom founder/host/producer Jordy Vandeput offers a glimpse into his day-to-day YouTube vlogging life in Belgium.

Vandeput shares more than just the usual YouTube jokes and tropes. He also shares some insight into how he and his team of creatives work together on projects to produce quality content that is popular on YouTube. Vandeput also shares how music helps him every day.

Fill out your brand with Vlog Music

A strong brand is essential for YouTubers in order to grow an audience and build a following. Cinecom is a YouTuber who works hard to establish a strong brand for their channel. A strong musical element is one of the best ways you can establish a professional brand.

Cinecom points out that if you buy a royalty-free licence, you can reuse the track in your channel multiple times.

Vlog Music can be used to set a mood

Vandeput takes a video of Vandeput to illustrate how Vlog Music can benefit your video. The difference is evident immediately. Vandeput explains that his music selection was very specific. He wanted to create a mood and style.

YouTube-Specific Playlists

Vandeput explains in the video that PremiumBeat is a Cinecom sponsor and helps to make their YouTube content. PremiumBeat is a great music platform for YouTubers such as Cinecom. The library is searchable and the quality of the tracks makes it easy to use. The best asset is the online playlists. Vandeput points to the fact that these playlists even contain YouTube-specific tracks, which you can find here.


You will be able to share Vlog Music through video, and traditional blogs through writing.

Youtube and other platforms have allowed video-blogs to grow in popularity in recent years. Many vloggers are now engaged in professional video-blogging.

For example, in 2013, the minimum revenue for a highest-paid vlogger was $720,000… but that was many years ago!

If you are thinking of creating a Vlog Music but have doubts about how to do it, then I suggest you read this article. I will give you many useful tips!