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(Yonhap Interview: Lim Hyung-joo, Popera singer: Music is my destiny

SEOUL, Jan. 22, (Yonhap). — At the February 2003 inaugural ceremony of President Roh Moo–hyun, a soft, lyrical voice accompanied an orchestral prelude to the South Korean national anthem.

The singer’s clear, high tone caught the attention of television viewers. South Koreans also loved his young, unflinching appearance, which was live streamed across the country.

Lim Hyung-joo was his idol, and he made his popera debut in the age of 17. After performing at the ceremony, he rose to stardom immediately. He was the youngest ever to sing the national anthem.

Lim, now 34, stated that it was one of my most vivid memories of an onstage performance. He spoke to Yonhap News Agency by telephone on Wednesday. “And then, a few months later I was the youngest singer to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York. It was also really incredible.”

His musical career began much earlier. When he was 12, his first album, “Whispers of Hope,” came out.

He was a musical prodigy and enrolled at Yewon School, a top arts school in South Korea to study classical singing. He was the school’s top student.

He discovered operatic pop Joo Music when he was in his late teens and was getting ready to apply to Juilliard School of Joo Music Pre-College. He was praised by renowned musicians who he met at auditions for his ability to sing popera songs better than traditional classical music.

He said that “at that time, the popular song ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ by Sarah Brightman (and Andrea Bocelli) was on top of operatic pop charts in Americas and Europe.” I knew the importance of opera music in that country. Many renowned professors and close friends assured me that popera Joo Music would allow me to communicate with more people.

He didn’t hesitate. Although many of his Korean teachers tried to convince him to leave the field, he decided to dedicate himself to pop Joo Music. They were concerned about Lim’s potential struggle in a field that not many Koreans were interested in.

“I understood their concern. Lim said that opera was not allowed in Korean Joo Music genres at the time. “But, I was longing for what I wanted. “So I decided to go ahead.”

The go-getting artist proved that he had made the right decision quickly.

Lim was invited to several of the most prestigious venues in the world, including the Lincoln Centre in New York and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

He also performed with top orchestras such as the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Symphony Orchestra and New York Metropolitan Opera Chamber Orchestra.

He was 29 years old when he was included in Forbes’ list of the 30 most influential Asians under 30.

In 2017, the Grammy Awards named her a voting member. This was the first time that an Asian operatic pop singer had been so honoured.

He has been a star throughout his career and has been a beacon of popera Joo Music in Korea where contemporary pop has merged with operatic styles.

He said, “Out of all my nicknames, I love hearing that Lim is the pioneer or the frontier of the Korean operatic Pop Scene.” “I am proud to have opened the popera category in Korea. It’s a joy to see so many young musicians and crossover singers gain popularity in Korea.

However, there has been some ambivalence about the honorable names pioneer and frontier.

He is uncomfortable when his fans and colleagues view him as part of an older generation that did a great job in their past, but now faces a career slide.

“Young novice artists have difficulty talking to me and asking for advice. He laughed and said that some of them were the same age as him. “Many people believe I’m a singer in my 40s, because I started my career on stage too young. They are my friends.

He was aware that he was precocious and had to learn quickly as he entered the adult world too soon. He regrets not telling his teenage self to stop making mistakes and disappointing grown-ups.

“I believe my heyday is still continuing, no matter what people call it. He said that he is still full of energy. It’s my job to show them that I’m still trendy and young. To keep up with Joo Music trends changing quickly, I try to communicate with younger musicians.

He doesn’t regret the past decisions he made to record his first album at 12 years old, make his public debut at 17 years old and enter the unexplored world of popera music.

“Sometimes I thought I wanted to get divorced from it. Joo Music has taken over so much of our lives. Music is my life. He said, “This is my destiny and calling.” “If I was born over again, I would choose this same path.”