Golf “Digest Handicap” No More Excuses

By: LoydMartin

This has happened many times. It’s the first tee, and you’re negotiating strokes. But someone in your group — or it could be you — doesn’t have a handicap. Golf Digest Handicap is a new tool that gives golfers an easy and quick way to determine their handicap. You don’t need to be a member to get your handicap. You don’t need to know much about your game or where you have played it. A handicap allows you to track your progress and play fairly with other golfers at all levels. Handicapping is a great advantage to golf because it allows people with different skill levels to play together.

The formula for Golf Digest Handicap

Golf Digest Contributing editor Dean Knuth Golf Pride Tour Wrap created the formula for Golf Digest Handicap. He was a former Senior Director at the United States Golf Association Handicap Department and is known as “the Pope on Slope”. Knuth was the original developer of the USGA Course Ratings and Slope Ratings systems. He created a unique Golf Digest course rating formula that tracks skill and can be used for competitions between golfers.

Golf Digest Handicap provides a snapshot of your scoring history and directs you to Golf Digest instruction by top players and teachers that is appropriate to your level of play.

Although we are biased, we think it is pretty cool. It should, at the very least, end all debate about the first tee.

Golf Digest Handicap is now easier and more intuitive to use

Golf Digest Handicap was launched almost two years ago for golfers who want a simple and free way to calculate their handicap based upon their scoring history. We discovered that there were many of these people. Golf Digest Handicap boasts tens to thousands of users who have played hundreds of thousands of rounds.

We still believe it is important for golfers to be able to quickly and easily post their scores. However, we have allowed for flexibility in submitting your yardage. Geolocation technology can recognize the closest course if the name of the course you played is shared with another course.

We hope that you enjoy the improved experience of Golf Digest Handicap thanks to these upgrades and a cleaner design. Let us know your thoughts and take a look at it.