Review: “Foray” Golf’s innovative women’s golf clothing

Megan LaMothe, the CEO of Foray Golf, was interviewed recently for the LPGA Women’s Network. I was excited. Megan, a 30-year-old CEO at Foray Golf in New York, has created a new innovation in women’s apparel for golf. Foray releases a new collection every eight weeks. It is made in the USA from luxurious European fabrics, like the ones used by top women’s fashion designers.

Foray offers a Core Collection that is always available. It includes its signature sleeveless Polo and skirt-with-shorts. (Megan does not like the term “skort”) The other collections are limited to 225 pieces. The champion is the woman who wishes to wear something that no one else will be wearing.


The skirt-with shorts arrived in just two days. It was compactly packed in a sturdy cardboard box and could be returned if it didn’t fit or Digest Handicap wasn’t what I wanted. A return label was included in the box. Foray Golf will reimburse customers for shipping costs as long as they don’t remove the large, black “DONT REMOVE” label.

Each piece came with a plastic case containing all its features and a round iron on patch that read “Have You Seen This Ghost Dog… Foray Golf.” I don’t know what to do with it.


This piece has beautiful draping thanks to the Italian technical jersey fabric. I also loved its fit. My husband and I agreed that the skirt was too short. (I am 5-8, and wore the L size.

The back pocket could be used to store keys and tees, but it was difficult for me to find. Sneaky Pocket is the best feature of the comfortable built-in shorts. It allows you to stash extra golf balls and lip balms without bulking up the skirt.

The beautiful details and work that went into sewing were a big plus for me. Megan informed me that I was not the only one to express this opinion and Foray Golf will be lengthening its skirts. The L will be 2 inches longer, but still short enough to appeal more to younger women.


The sweater knit in Italy looks and feels just like cashmere. It is also paired with a polo that features an Italian chiffon back, creating a unique illusion. Ghost Dog is the name of the sweater. It has a geometric blue-on white pattern that can be seen on both the sweater and polo’s chiffon backs. Although it seems too beautiful to wear on the course, I tried it and found that it was comfortable and fit well.

I almost wanted to weep when I saw that the label recommended hand-washing, but I decided to follow the instructions to preserve the beautiful fabric. Megan does not like hand-washing, so she suggested that it could be machine washed but not tumble dried.

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