Golf Pride Tour Wrap: MicroSuede Grip

By: LoydMartin

Comfort and performance, the perfect balance for a grip golf. Golf Pride Tour Wrap new MicroSuede grip is designed to achieve this exact balance. MicroSuede technology offers a unique feel and modern moisture management system in traditional grip styles.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap The Looks

The Golf Pride Tour Wrap MicroSuede grip is classic, soft, and reserved. Although the classic wrap pattern is the same as previous Cummaquid Golf Club Golf Pride wrap models the MicroSuede “brushed” finish gives the grip an even softer appearance. This combination with the soft grey color makes for a comfortable grip. The glossy “wrapskives”, a term GolfWorks uses to describe the grip’s glossiness, add some contrast. The grip’s signature white Golf Pride logo is located at the base and around the butt. The Tour Wrap MicroSuede is an option if you prefer to have your grips logo down.

What does it feel like?

MicroSuede’s “feel”, is undoubtedly the best feature of the grip. Golf Pride has been making rubber wrap-style grips since years. But this brushed finish is something that’s not seen before. As far as I know. The MicroSuede technology feels extremely soft and comfortable in your hands. Similar comfort goals have been set for other grips that I’ve tried, but they often don’t provide any feedback or responses. The Tour Wrap MicroSuede is different. The Tour Wrap MicroSuede provides the desired soft feel, but still gives you all the shot feedback that you need. This grip is extremely soft and very comfortable. However, it is not designed to absorb shock. To avoid any sting, it’s your responsibility to hit the ball accurately.

Performance on-Course Golf Pride Tour Wrap

At first, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap MicroSuede grip felt a little strange in my hands. Although the finish felt great in my hands I was still concerned about how it would react to moisture. My concerns were quickly dispelled. Golf Pride used a finishing process in order to improve the grip. This wrap grip is easy to hold onto, regardless of whether your hands are wet or dry. My experience with the golf pride tour wrap -style grip has shown me that it offers the best traction. Although I haven’t been playing in rain lately, I can tell you how the moisture is handled under it.

MicroSuede also has a significant performance advantage in terms of how it wears on your hands. This grip is suitable for players who find 36 holes to be difficult or who have spent a lot of time at the range. I found the Tour Wrap MicroSuede to be very comfortable for my hands even after using it for long periods. While this may vary between people, I was amazed at how my hands felt after the day. If they are comfortable with a wrap-style grip, my fellow sensitive-hands players could be big fans of the MicroSuede finish.