Tips to save money when buying NFL tickets

By: LoydMartin

Nfl tickets – are a popular sport in America and can be very expensive. These buying tips from Koobit will help you find the best prices to see your favorite NFL team.

To purchase tickets, you should wait until the last day of the game.

Tickets prices drop as ticket sellers attempt to sell them off, just like food that has an expiration date. Although there is less inventory, the tickets that are still available will likely be sold at a lower price. The Bears’ last season saw an average ticket being resold for $249 3 weeks before a game and $195 3 days prior. This is a 22 percent drop in ticket prices!

Take a look at the opponent.

If you are just interested in watching your local team play, make sure to keep an eye on the schedule as prices can vary depending on which team is playing. Prices tend to rise more for teams with a national following (Cowboys and Steelers), as well as teams that are successful (Seahawks and Patriots). The Buccaneers and Browns, Rams, Jaguars, and Rams are all good options to consider when looking for great deals.

Compare tickets by value rather than price

You may not be able to afford the most expensive tickets if you are on a tight budget. For those who have the budget to pay a bit more, they should try to find the best value. Fans may be able find tickets for $10 less, but 20 rows closer to the field. For $10 more, a fan can also sit on the sidelines near the midfield for tickets that are not in the end zone. Deal Score is a tool that koobit has developed to help with this. It sorts tickets based not on price but their value. To indicate a great deal, look for the green dots in our map.

Take a look at where you are sitting.

You don’t need to guess what your seat view will look like. Instead, you can see a real image of the view. To find the best angle, you can compare sections.

Be sure to only buy from licensed sources

Avoid falling for a ticket scam by making sure you purchase your tickets from a trusted source such as koobit. They offer guarantees along with ticket purchases. If a ticket does not work, the buyer will be compensated accordingly.