Top Tips for Designing “Music Poster” 

By: LoydMartin

You should prioritise typography in your Music Poster layout

When designing a Music Poster, it can be hard to know where to start. It is likely that festival publicity will be placed in areas where people can see it quickly, such as at bus stops or street walls.

It’s important to prioritise one element in your layout. It doesn’t matter if it’s text (see Tip 2) or an image (see Tip 2 below). It all depends on what festival you are advertising and the design approach that you choose.

It may be a good idea to make typography the main focus of your design if your festival has a history. To really make the festival’s name stand out, you can use a large font. You can search for slab serifs and display fonts. Set the type in uppercase letters with a contrast font colour.

You should make the most of any festival that has been fortunate enough to attract a few famous artists. The names of the most well-known bands should be placed at the top of your design to create a hierarchy that attracts the attention of fans.

Music Poster Illustration or photo?

Three main types of festival Music Poster are common: those with a typographic focus (see above), an illustrative or photographic focus.

Some music genres and events are best suited for either an illustrated or photographic approach. Photos work best for rock and pop events. Illustrations and abstract designs are great for jazz festivals, food festivals, and other alternative music events.

A more unconventional festival will benefit from an illustrated approach. This is what Brock Wynn did for the Jazz in Juni music festival. It will add creativity and uniqueness to your Music Poster.

Use colour to create mood and ambience

While most Music Poster are conceptualised by designers in terms of graphics or typography, colour can be the most transformative element to your design.

Festival posters must communicate a vibrant sense of atmosphere, more than any other poster subject. These festival-goers come to these events to experience a unique atmosphere and share a certain vibe. Your job as a Music Poster designer is to describe what it’d be like to attend the event.

The fastest way to create a sense of time and place is to change your colour palette. A sunset-inspired palette with oranges and yellows is a great choice for summertime events.

This neon illustration, when placed against dark backgrounds, creates a feeling of night-time glamour.