Most commonly used terms in golf betting

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European Order of Merit

This market determines which golfers make the most European Tour prize money by the conclusion of the golf season. You can expect to be locked up for as long as a year this market, so make your bets carefully and only place bets if you’re in a financial liquid state.

Group Betting

Bets on which group of typically five players will be the best in a tournament. An excellent option for those who believe that an outsider could succeed in the tournament but still not be able to win or even be a participant in the event in the tournament itself.

To Make The Cut

Some bookmakers let punters determine which players get picked. The odds are generally restricting for the most coveted players, making it more of a layer market.

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To Place or Top 5 Finish

Certain bookmakers provide place-only betting. There isn’t the same odds as if you were placing bets on all ways however, there’s an bonus that you don’t risk losing the winnings on an option that’s not likely to be successful because you’ve only bet on the place. Check out the bookmakers and exchanges, as prices may vary widely.

3 Ball Betting

Betting on who will be the winner of the particular matches on each game. This is especially profitable in the event that you are betting on fast or slow-starting players.

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US PGA Money List

This market will determine who is the top golfer on in the US PGA Money List at the conclusion of the golfing season. As with this market, which is similar to the European Tour Order of Merit market, you can be prepared to have your funds locked up for as long as a year this market, so make your bets carefully and only make bets when you’re in a situation that is financially stable.

Golf Spread Betting Markets

The spread betting markets are restricted on golf, but there are some great opportunities to market players on tournament markets.

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Tournament Index

This is similar to the outright bet however it is the equivalent of spread betting. Points are awarded to the eight first places, with higher points being awarded to those who finish higher. Every participant is provided with an estimate of the points they will receive. The advantage of this method over traditional straight betting is that more locations are awarded and the more your picks outperform expectations, the more you’ll take home. Of course, it also works in reverse, and the more your pick performs poorly, the more money you’ll lose.

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Tournament Winner

The most common golf wager is to be the tournament winner. Put a bet on the player who will take the trophy to the air and bet on them to stand in the winning circle. Because of its simplicity it’s the most popular kind of bet on golf. It’s simple however, the odds for certain golfers are astronomical. There’s no way to get odds of 500/1 on Scottie Scheffler or Collin Morikawa, but plenty of long shots will be crowned every season at the PGA Tour. It’s not uncommon to see golfers who have odds 50/1 and more make it to the winners’ circle on Sundays.

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Top Finishing Markets

The second kind of bet is a finishing position bet. These bets are placed on golfers to finish within the Top 5 or Top 10 or the Top 20 in a particular event. Although the odds aren’t like the bet on an outright winner but the chance of winning is higher.

In the event that Tony Finau has odds of +2000 to win the event His odds of finishing Top 5 would be about 1/5th of the cost, or 400. Top 10 tickets are paid 1/10th of the price, while the top 20s are about 1/20th of golfers’ odds of winning the tournament.

This is an option to consider If you’re more cautious about risk.

Each-Way Betting

Golf is a sport where “each-way” betting refers to a bet that’s divided. The majority of your bet goes to a golfer’s ability to win the event, and the rest is placed on a top 5 ticket, as an example. You could get exposure for the golfer you admire without having to win the event. For instance, let’s say Jordan Speith is offered at 20/1 odds to win the tournament. You make a $100-each-way wager on Speith. This bet is a $50 bet. is bet upon Speith for winning this tournament at 20/1 and $50 is put upon Speith to finish 5th at 4/1.

In the event that Speith is the winner of this tournament, then your bet will be paid $1,200. You’ll earn $1,000 from Speith’s win outright ($50 per 20/1 equals $1,000) You’ll also win another $200 if he finishes in the Top Five ($50 divided by 4/1 equals $200). In this case it would have been more cash if you placed a bet of 100 cents on Speith to win completely ($100 20/1 x 100/1 = $2,000) however, you wouldn’t win anything if he was between second and fifth. If you place an all-way bet, a third place finish could still earn you $150. You can subtract your outright bet from your top five winners ($50 + four/1 equals $200) (200 x 4/1 = $200) ($50 The Tournament’s Winner) = $150 in profit.

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Live Betting Golf

With the variety of betting via mobile apps One of the fastest-growing segments of betting on sports is live betting, which is the possibility to bet on an event while it is happening. Live betting is commonplace in golf. The odds for a tournament can change throughout the course as players move in their tournaments. It is possible to get the better odds on a favorite for the pre-tournament in the beginning, or you may spot a player with a good record that is still offering reasonable worth.